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From industry leading certifications, to the top parts and tools, to a team at headquarters who's behind you 100%. Being an iTech isn't just another job, it's an opportunity to control your destiny.

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Our iTechs deliver on-demand iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy repair, but there's a lot more to being an iTech than simply providing these services. At iCracked, we strive to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of customer service, and our iTechs constitute a tremendous and indispensable element of that experience.


A complete system to succeed.

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Knowledge & Certification

Gain access to iCracked best practices for all devices we cover, and become certified through our proprietary performance process. Prove your expertise with the experts.

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Client Lead Generation

Utilizing our team at HQ, from design to customer support, we help bring clients to you from your local area every day.

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Superior Quality Parts

To ensure that we are the best repair and service company in the world, we use only the top quality parts and tools, and every repair is backed by the iCracked Lifetime Warranty.

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Specialized Support Line

If you ever have an issue in the field with a customer, the iTech support line is there to help 24/7.

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Complete Initial Inventory

To make sure you get off to a great start, you'll be supplied with a kit full of all the tools and parts to make a difference right away.

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Marketing Package

Our team of designers are here to make sure you have all the marketing you need, from business cards to brochures, we have you covered.

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Customer Service Team

Rest assured that we have an excellent customer support team behind you ready to help each and every customer, before, during and after the repair.

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iTech App

Our iCracked iTech App allows you to have all your info in one spot, making running the business a snap.

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Social Network of Techs

We pride ourselves on the quality of the iTech community and the network we have to help each other out.

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