The iPad 3 (known at the time as "the new iPad") first arrived on the scene on March 16, 2012, boasting a new Retina display, better processor, and LTE support, putting it leagues ahead of past iPads. The iPad 3 introduced a 5 megapixel camera to Apple's line of tablets—an enormous jump from the 0.7 megapixels of the iPad 2. 

The iPad 3 was also the first iPad to ship with iOS 5.1, which placed increased emphasis on audio-visual media such as movies, music, games, e-books, and more. iOS 5's Newsstand app allowed users to access all their subscribed newspapers and magazines in one place, while the newly-split Music and Video apps aimed to improve user experience. Everything considered, the coinciding releases of iOS 5 and the iPad 3 helped propel the device's status as a media powerhouse.

Despite years and years of advancements in tablet technology, invincibility has yet to be accomplished. All the babying and care in the world couldn't protect your iPad from that drop, and now you have a shattered screen to show for it. Or maybe human error wasn't involved at all—perhaps your iPad stopped working all on its own.

No matter the issue, iCracked’s team of on-demand technicians specialize in iPad 3 repairs. We will meet you whenever, wherever you are to fix your iPad. Loud speaker doesn’t work? Have a broken mic? Let your iTech handle it at your local coffee shop, park, or even place of work. Contact us today for your iPad 3 repair!


Specifications for iPad 3 Repairs


Color options: Black, White

Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Storage capabilities: 16/32/64GB

CPU: Apple A5X with 32-bit architecture

Size: 241 x 186 x 9.4 mm


Weight: 1.344 lb. (Wi-Fi model), 1.46 lb. (Wi-Fi + Cellular model)

Front camera: 0.3MP

Display: 9.7 inches

Rear camera: 5MP


iPad 3 Repairs and Screen Replacements


iPad 3 LCD Screen Repair

That's a big screen you have there on your iPad. It'd be a real shame if that crack went unfixed. If your iPad 3 was victim to a nasty fall, let us know. We'll send one of our expert repair technicians to a place of your choosing at a time of your choosing to fix your iPad.

Charging Port

Without a working charging port, you're kind of at a loss as far as powering up your iPad goes. Check and see if dirt or other debris is causing interference and clean it out, if necessary. If that troubleshooting doesn't work, let us know and we'll get you set up with an iPad 3 repair.


Making a FaceTime call is a bit of a wasted effort if the other end can't hear you speak. If others hear strange noises or no sound at all when on calls with you, try seeing if dirt or dust is caught in your iPad's microphone. If cleaning it doesn't work, you'll likely need to get it fixed.

Headphone Jack

Watching videos or listening to music on your iPad through the privacy of headphones is something we all value. If you're being subjected to static noises or no sound at all when yours are plugged in, though, you might have dust or other debris stuck in your headphone jack. Give it a look and clean, if needed. If that doesn't solve it, contact us for an iPad 3 repair.

Home Button

The iPad 3 puts a huge selection of apps at your fingertips, but a broken home button means accessing those apps becomes a bit troublesome. A stubborn home button can be caused by grime-related stickiness or a deeper hardware problem. If you suspect it's the latter, hit "repair my iPad 3" above to have one of our repair technicians come to you to take a look.

Side Button

The iPad's side buttons allow you to conveniently adjust or mute its volume. If one or any of them aren't working, though, doing that becomes a lot harder. If yours don't seem to be functioning as intended, see if they're stuck due to dirt or grime. If that isn't the problem, you probably need to get your side buttons fixed. We can take care of that for you.

Front/Rear Camera

Are photos on your iPad turning out blurry? Is your Camera app crashing every time you try and open it? You're likely dealing with a broken camera. Fortunately, we can fix it for you. 

Power Button

If you're finding that pressing your power button has become a bit more difficult lately, it could be because of stickiness caused by dirt or grime. Clean it off and see if that helps. If not, you might need to call in the professionals to take a look. That's where we come in.

Loud Speaker

Is sound from your iPad speakers coming in distorted, staticky, or not at all? That can be a real issue, especially when listening to music or watching videos. If you're having problems with your speaker audio, don't keep it a secret from us. We'll send a repair technician to meet you wherever you want to fix your iPad.