The Apple iPad 4 first hit the shelves in 2012. Its innovative technology dazzled users with its improved specs and enhanced functionality. Despite its brilliant new features and intuitive design, the iPad 4 remains subject to the wear and tear of any smartphone or tablet device. Users have gone to great lengths to measures to protect their iPad 4s with protective cases and screens - and nevertheless, accidents inevitably befall them. That's why iCracked's team of trained experts specialize in iPad 4 repairs, including screen replacements, fixed charging ports, repaired speakers and microphones, and much more. Our iTechs will come to you whenever and wherever you need for on-demand iPad 4 repairs performed in 1 hour, with a lifetime warranty and guarantee.



Color options: White or Black

Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Storage capabilities: 16GB / 32GB / 64G / 128GB

CPU: Apple A6X – 32bit architecture

Size: 241mm x 186mm x 9.4mm


Weight: 1.44lb (Wifi), 1.46lb (Wifi + Cellular model)

Front camera: 1.2 megapixel

Display: 9.7 inches

Rear camera: megapixel


Apple iPad 4 Repairs and Screen Replacements


iPad 4 Screen Repair

An iPad 4 with its nice 9.7-inch screen with a huge crack running across it kind of ruins the experience a little wouldn’t you say. We specialize in performing iPad 4 screen replacements in less than 1 hour. If your iPad 4 screen has seen better days, contact us and we'll come to you and fix your iPad 4 screen today.

Charging Port

It’s impossible to use your iPad without a working charging port to keep it in good standing. If your port isn't working, check the charging port to see if there is a foreign object or any dirt stuck in it that you can remove. Also, check the power cable you are using in case it is frayed.  If neither of those does the trick, contact us and one of our iTechs will fix your charging port as a time and place that's convenient for you.


Do you use your iPad 4 for FaceTime calls with friends and family? If the microphone isn't working or if it's producing funny sounds, then it's difficult to get the rich experience you're used to.  Our professional iTechs will provide an iPad 4 repair for your microphone the same-day you requested it, whenever and wherever you are. 

Headphone Jack

Your iPad 4’s headphone jack is an essential part for the device. It will usually get quite a bit of use of the years and it can break as a result. If there is no sound coming through or the sound is distorted and just not right, get in touch and one of our expert iTechs will carry out your iPad 4 repair.

Home Button

Like with most Apple devices, the home button is a key feature to an easy and enjoyable user experience on the iPad 4.  If your home button is sticking or not firing properly, then you've got a problem. Have you found lately that the home button sometimes doesn’t work or has stopped working completely? Contact us today and you'll get an iPad 4 repair same-day with a lifetime warranty. 

Ear Speaker

Are there strange noises coming from your iPad's ear speaker making it difficult to hear callers? Check the speaker area for any dirt that you can clean away. If there is nothing there or it’s still not working after a good cleaning, then we can help. Book an appointment and we'll come to you to fix your ear speaker in an hour.

Side Button

It's true the iPad 4 has fewer buttons to tie in with its sleek design, but the few buttons that are on it need to work flawlessly, otherwise your device's performance is permanently compromised. If your side volume buttons aren't working well, you'll struggle to control the volume on your device no matter what. We can help you fix that.

iPad 4 Camera Repair

Are one or all of the cameras not working, making photos blurry or the camera app buggy? This is almost certainly a hardware issue that requires a fix. We can fix your cameras for an iPad 4 repair today so you can make full use of your iPad’s functionality.

Power Button

A power button doesn't get used all the time, but if it's not working then it's a huge issue. See if you can clean around the button on your iPad 4, as dirt is the primary reason a power button might not be working. But if that doesn't solve the problem, then it's a hardware issue that requires a real fix. Contact us and we'll fix your power button like it's brand new. 

Loud Speaker

Is the sound coming from your iPad’s loud speaker noticeably altered? Maybe it's crackling or distorted? It might just be a case of dirt or dust causing the problem. But if you clean the speakers and that doesn't solve the problem, it's a hardware problem. Contact us today and one of our iTechs will come to fix your loud speakers to repair your iPad 4 like brand new.