iPad Air represented an enormous lead forward in tablet designs and user experience. The iPad Air boasts a thinner, lighter build -- hence the name. While both the Air and its successor, the Air 2, are now discontinued, the Air’s look and feel inspired all future iPad gen models going forward, marking a sea change for tablet users. Its release marked the first true design change to Apple’s tablet since the iPad 2. Since the inception of the original model, iCracked's team of iTechs have specialized in iPad Air repairs, providing fast repairs anytime and anywhere you need them, with a lifetime warranty and pricing guarantee. 

In addition to its revamped appearance, the iPad Air included many changes under the hood. An upgraded front-facing camera made FaceTime calls much clearer, also allowing video capture in 720p HD. The Apple A7 chip, at the time the best chip available in an Apple device, helps the Air perform twice as fast as the fourth-generation iPad—the Air’s predecessor.

Despite the amazing design and hardware, even the iPad Air series remains subject to the wear and tear and occasional accident that may befall and smartphone or tablet device. It may be a drop on the floor and shattered glass screen, or busted speakers that have just stopped working. Whatever the issue, our team will come to you to provide fast, effective and affordable iPad Air repairs whenever you need them.

We provide a range of iPad Air repairs, to make sure they work like they're just out of the box. Whether you need a full screen replacement, repaired microphone, new charging port or power button replacement, we can fix it for you. Contact us today and we'll fix your iPad same-day, with our lifetime warranty included at no additional charge. 



Color options: Silver or Space Gray

Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Storage capabilities: 16GB to 128 GB available

CPU: Apple A7 64bit

Size: 240 x 169.5 x 7.5 mm


Weight: 1.034lb (Wifi), 1.054lb (Wifi + Cellular)

Front camera: 1.2 megapixel

Display: 9.7-inch Retina HD

Rear camera: 5.0 megapixel


Apple iPad Air Repairs and Screen Replacement


iPad Air Repaired Screen

iPad Air screen replacements are a common occurrence. If you’ve dropped it or dropped something on it and the screen has cracked, don’t worry. Out iTech expert technicians will be able to replace the screen and have your iPad Air fixed and full functioning again.

Charging Port

What do you do when you cannot charge your iPad Air? Couple of quick things to check before you get in touch with our experts. Check the charging cable for one, make sure it is fully in tact or try a different one to avoid doubt. Next, check the charging port itself for any material/dirt in the way. Those didn’t resolve the issue, contact us today and we will get right on it.


What good is FaceTime if the caller cannot hear what you have to say? A non-working mic could be something simple such as dirt or a piece of lint stuck inside, but more often than not a repair is required. Contact us today and we will fix your iPad Air.

Headphone Jack

Listening to music or watching videos without good sound or no sound isn’t exactly going to be great. Let us take a look and we will get your headphone jack working again so you can enjoy your content like it was meant to be heard.

Home Button

Not having a home button can prove problematic. Trying to access your apps will be an almost impossible task without that home button. It can be a case of dirt getting in the way but it can also need repaired and that is where we come in, just let us know.

Ear Speaker

Are you experiencing poor quality out of ear speaker, such as crackling or fuzziness diminishing the sound? It could be a layer of dirt. Try cleaning around the speaker to regain volume and clarity.  But if that doesn’t work, it's a hardware issue and you need to contact us for an iPad Air repair to get it resolved properly. 

Side Button

Without those side buttons, volume control is going to be tricky. If any of your buttons are on the fritz, get in touch with us. We can send over one of our repair specialists to fix the issue and you can get back to enjoying your iPad Air like you did when it was working just fine.

Front & Rear Cameras

Sometimes photos can turn out blurry, but when it happens with every photo you know there is something wrong. Another common problem is that the photo app stops opening up, this is usually a hardware issue. No matter what the issue, we can fix it, just contact us today.

Power Button

A power button that no longer works is typically down to a couple of reasons. One – there can be dirt and grime stuck under or around the button making it difficult and temperamental in its use. Secondly – it may actually be broken and need replaced. If your DIY clean doesn’t work, get in touch and we will fix it for you.


Loud Speaker

Is sound coming from your iPad’s loud speaker coated in static or muffled noises? There may be dirt or lint stuck inside it, or you may be in need of an iPad repair. We'll come to you and get it sorted within the hour.