The iPad mini was introduced to the public in 2012, introducing a smaller design and a healthy helping of cool features – none of which related to invulnerability. Devices break – that’s just a sad fact of life. Your iPad fell to the ground and now you’re stuck with a shattered screen. What’s a person to do? Drop it off at a repair shop? Not a chance!

Our team of professionally trained technicians specialize in iPad mini screen repairs and replacements. We'll come to you whenever and wherever you need - and we'll fix your iPad mini in less than 1 hour, lifetime warranty included at no extra charge. Are you speakers failing? Camera not working? Screen looks like a spider web?  Contact us today and get your iPad mini repair done fast!


Specifications for iPad mini Repairs


Color options: Black & Slate, White & Silver

Resolution: 1024 x 768

Storage capabilities: 16/32/64GB

CPU: Apple A5 with 32-bit architecture

Size: 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm

RAM: 512MB

Weight: 0.679 lb. (Wi-Fi model), 0.688 lb. (Wi-Fi + Cellular model)

Front camera: 1.2MP

Display: 7.9-inch LCD

Rear camera: 5MP


iPad mini Repairs and Replacements


iPad mini Screen Repair

There’s nothing worse than having a tablet with a nice, 7.9-inch display, and then having a gigantic crack running through it. If your iPad mini’s screen has seen better days, let us know and we’ll send someone your way to fix it.

Charging Port

Your iPad’s going to have a fair bit of difficulty powering on if it has no charge. Check and see if any dirt or lint is blocking a connection between your charger and port, or if your wire itself is faulty. No luck? You might need to get it fixed.


A FaceTime call isn’t any good if the other end can’t hear what you have to say. A non-working mic can be the result of a stubborn piece of lint or dirt stuck inside, but often, it just needs to be repaired. Let us get it working again.

Headphone Jack

Listening to music or watching videos on your iPad isn’t very enjoyable when there’s a thick layer of static over the sound coming through your headphones. Let us take and look and give your headphone jack a good fixing.

Home Button

Accessing your apps can prove pretty hard if you have a home button that isn’t functional. If you’re having trouble pressing your home button, dirt or grime may be causing stickiness. If you’ve checked and that isn’t the issue, you likely need an iPad mini repair.

Ear Speaker

Is sound coming from your ear speaker vaguely fuzzy or outright staticky? Take a look and see if there’s dirt or other debris stuck inside. If you don’t find anything, you probably need to get your ear speaker fixed.

Side Button

Without the use of your side buttons, you can’t easily adjust the volume on your iPad. If any of yours are on the fritz, contact us. We’ll send a repair specialist wherever, whenever you want to patch it up.

Front/Rear Camera

Are photos on your front or rear camera coming out blurry? Is your Camera app outright refusing to open? A hardware issue may be to blame. Let us handle your camera's iPad mini repair.

Power Button

Having trouble pressing your power button can be due to a number of reasons—dirt and grime beneath it being one of them. If a DIY clean-up doesn’t fix the issue, let us know and we’ll repair your power button.

Loud Speaker

Is sound coming from your iPad’s loud speaker coated in a blanket of static or weird, crackling noises? There may be dirt or lint stuck inside it, or you may be in need of an iPad mini repair. We can handle that.