The iPad mini 2 was brought to market in 2013, building on the momentum of previous generations of iPad models. The iPad mini 2 was a significant step forward in features and functionality - including predecessor and the Retina display. At the time of its launch, the iPad mini 2 was a tremendous technological advancement in tablet computing and greatly enhanced web browsing from a smaller, sleeker device. Despite its marvelous technology and intuitive design, the iPad mini 2 remains susceptible to the occasional accident and normal wear and tear. That's why iCracked's team of trained technicians specialize in iPad mini 2 repairs. 

Whatever the problem you're experiencing, our professionally trained technicians will come to you and fix your iPad mini 2 in 1 hour, with a lifetime warranty and pricing guarantee included at no extra fee. Maybe you dropped your iPad and the screen shattered, or you're having problems with the speakers or charging port - our iTechs wil come to you whenever and wherever you need us, and we'll fix your iPad on your schedule so it fits your life. Contact us today to get your iPad mini 2 repair immediately!

Specifications for iPad Mini 2 Repairs


Color options: Silver & Space Gray

Resolution: 2048-by-1536 at 326 pixels per inch (ppi)


Storage capabilities: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB

Chip: A7 chip with 64 bit architecture and M7 motion processor 

Size: 7.87inches (200mm) by 5.3inches (134.7mm) by 0.29inches (7.5mm)


Weight: Wifi model – 331g, Wifi + Cellular – 341g


Front camera: 1.2MP photos, 720p HD video

Display: Retina display, 7.9 inch diagonal


Rear camera: 5MP photos, 1080 HD video


iPad Mini 2 Repairs & Replacements


iPad Mini 2 Screen Repair

It’s great having an iPad mini 2 to use, but when the screen is cracked there really is nothing worse. So, if your iPads screen has seen better days, get in touch with us today and we will send one of our iTech’s to replace it for you.

Charging Port

You’ll be struggling to power on your iPad mini 2 on if it has no charge. First thing to do is check to see if there is anything blocking the charging port – a piece of dirt or lint? Also, check your charging cable itself. Still no luck, you may need an iPad mini 2 repair. 


What good is it going to be when you try and FaceTime someone and they either cannot hear your or it just simply isn’t working properly. A mic that doesn’t work can often be the result of something being lodged within the device and other times it actually needs to be repaired. Let iCracked fix it for you.

Headphone Jack

This is undoubtedly one of the most important parts on your iPad mini 2 that you’d want to work. It’s not very good if you are listening to music or watching videos on your iPad and there is a thick layer of static over the sound. Let our expert technicians take a look.

Home Button

Have you tried to work your iPad mini 2 without using that home button? If you have the chances are that is due to the button being broken or not working. Whether it is needing repaired through damage, dirt or grime, contact us today and we will fix it.

Ear Speaker

Is there fuzzy or static noise coming from your ear speaker? Take a look at see if there is any dirt or debris stuck within. If you cannot find anything, you will likely need to get it repaired.

Side Button

Granted the side buttons aren’t as important as the Home button, but it becomes annoying when you can no longer adjust the volume easily. If the buttons have stopped working or only working sometimes, contact us today and we will send one of our iTech experts wherever and whenever you want to patch it up.

Front/Rear Camera

Are your photos coming out blurry from one of the cameras? Is your iPad mini 2 camera app just not opening? A hardware issue can be to blame. Let iCracked handle your iPad mini 2 repair.

Power Button

Having trouble with that power button on your iPad mini 2? This can be down to a few reasons – dirt and grime beneath it being one of them. If your DIY cleaning method doesn’t fix the problem, then let iCracked know and we can send an expert technician to repair it for you.

Loud Speaker

Funny sounds coming out of your loud speaker – crackling noises or static? There can be dirt stuck inside the speaker or it may actually need repaired. We can fix your iPad mini 2 for you.

·       Wifi model – 331g, Wifi + Cellular – 341g