The iPhone 5c dropped on September 20, 2013 as a lower-end, inexpensive version of the iPhone 5 and introduced the concept of pastel color options to the iPhone line. Internally, the 5c is nearly identical to its older brother, the iPhone 5, with just a few minor changes. However, it still comes with the same issue of being extremely fragile and prone to a broken screen.

The 5c was also the first iPhone to ship with iOS 7, which revamped iOS's entire design language with new icons, translucency, and an overall flatter feel, a radical departure from the skeuomorphic elements seen in iOS versions previous.

However, even with its new, hard-coated polycarbonate shell, the iPhone 5c was not made invulnerable. Devices break, that's just a sad fact of life. Your iPhone fell to the ground and now you're stuck with a shattered screen. Have no fear! iCracked's team of trained techs specialize iPhone 5c screen repairs and other fixes. Same-day appointments, and one hour fix times; we fix iPhone screens fast and properly.

We'll come to you and meet you whenever, wherever you want to fix your iPhone 5c screen, battery or anything you need. Device not charging? Camera not working? Screen looks like a spider web? Contact us today for an iPhone 5c screen replacement and we'll get it done fast.


Specifications for iPhone 5c Repairs


Color options: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White

Resolution: 640 x 1136

Storage capacities: 8/16/32GB

CPU: Apple A6 with 32-bit architecture

Size: 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97 mm


Weight: 4.66 ounces 

Front camera: 1.2MP

Display: 4-inch Retina Display

Rear camera: 8MP


iPhone 5c Screen Replacements & Other Fixes


iPhone 5c Screen Replacement

There's something tragic about a broken screen on an iPhone 5c. Something so beautiful shouldn't be subjected to something so ugly. If your display is looking a bit spiderweb-esque, let us know and we will get you a iPhone screen replacement.

Charging Port

If your iPhone 5c can't hold a charge, several causes could be to blame: dirt or debris in your charging port or even just a faulty cable. If you can rule out both of those issues, you may simply need to have your charging port repaired. We can take care of that.


A broken mic can be nightmarish, especially if it removes a caller's ability to hear you clearly. Check and see if any dust or dirt could be to blame. If not, you're probably looking at a full-on microphone iPhone 5c repair.

Headphone Jack

Don't know jack about headphone jack repair? Don't you worry. If music through your ear buds doesn't sound quite the same due to fuzzy or crackling noises, you're probably in need of a fix. Let us handle it.

Home Button

Dirt, lint, dust, or other debris beneath your home button may prove headache inducing if it means you can no longer use it as intended. If your iPhone 5c's home button is spick and span, though, there's probably a deeper hardware issue going on.

Ear Speaker

We've seen our fair share of broken ear speakers on iPhone 5cs, so believe us when we say we're masters at fixing them. Hearing strange noises when on calls? Let us know and we will send a repair tech straight to you.

Side Button

The iPhone 5's side buttons are essential, without them, you lose the ability to easily control your phone's volume. If any of them aren't working, give us a heads up and we'll make sure the problem's squared away.

Front/Rear Camera

Are your photos not turning out quite as clear as they used to be? Check if your lens needs wiping down. If cleaning it doesn't solve the problem, your camera might be to be replaced.

Power Button

If you've lost the ability to lock your iPhone at the push of a button, it's likely dirt or another foreign material is causing stickiness. Take a look, if your investigation turns up fruitless, you're likely in need of a power button iPhone 5c repair.

Loud Speaker

Is your iPhone 5c's loud speaker making weird crackling or staticky sounds when watching videos or listening to music? It's probably on its last legs. Contact us and we'll send one of our repair experts to a location of your choosing at a time of your choosing to fix your phone.