The iPhone 7 Plus provides a large 5.5 inch display, a full .8” over its smaller mid-size variant, the iPhone 7. In addition to that, it offers a much more advanced dual camera system for an incredible picture. Unfortunately, with a bigger screen and more advanced camera system comes an even greater danger of a glass fracture, LCD display issue, or a malfunctioning camera setup. That’s where iCracked comes in – if your phone is experiencing any kind of hardware issue our trained techs are trained, ready, and willing to come perform an iPhone 7 Plus repair at a time and place of your choosing. Your iPhone 7 Plus could be suffering from a cracked or broken screen, a malfunctioning headphone jack, or a bent charging port – whatever the problem, our specially trained iTechs can perform a fix or component replacement within an hour near you, often on the same day you put in the request. We fix iPhone 7 Plus screens, buttons, and more!


A huge side effect of having a much bigger display area than the typical iPhone, your iPhone 7+ is in greater danger than ever of meeting an unfortunate end by way of tiny drop on the sidewalk or a poorly aimed toss onto your coffee table. A cracked iPhone screen or discolored LCD display is by far the most common type of problem our customers deal with on a day to day business. It doesn’t matter if you need your iPhone 7 Plus to conduct important business or you just need a flawless picture for your own sanity, we understand how necessary a uncracked screen is to our customers. You need an iPhone screen replacement today! During each of our iTechs certification process, we’ve made sure that they are specially trained for iPhone screen repair and replacement in order to make the repair process for your iPhone 7 Plus’s cracked and discolored screens as quick and convenient for you as possible. Each damaged iPhone 7 Plus screen fix we replace is guaranteed for the lifetime of the phone, so faulty parts are never an issue. There’s no reason to go another day squinting at your mess of a cellular screen, trying to decipher a text message – click the ‘Repair my iPhone’ button above to schedule an on-demand repair trip to a location you choose.


Once you’ve clicked the ‘Repair my iPhone’ button above, it’ll take less than 60 seconds to set up your appointment, so there’s no need to cancel anything on your crowded calendar to get your iPhone 7 Plus fixed. Simply enter in the nature of your iPhone 7 Plus’s current problem, give us a convenient location near you, and we’ll send one of our specialized iTechs out to you for the iPhone screen fix or other issue. The iPhone repair service comes to wherever you need it, and you’ll save a ton of money not having to replace your iPhone 7 Plus with your cellular provider. iCracked iPhone repair technicians operates in almost every state in the U.S., including Alaska and the Washington D.C. area, so we can provide the iPhone screen repair service you need wherever you are located. If your iPhone screen breaks, and you need an iPhone screen replacement, on a late night out or a Sunday afternoon, you don’t need to wait to set up a same-day repair; our services run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide quality service at all times.


Whether you’re running a business, influencing on Instagram or have a lot of family drama you need to catch up on, iCracked knows that a functional iPhone is essential for life in a fast-paced modern society. That’s why we’ve done everything we could to make it as convenient for you as possible to schedule an iPhone repair call by one of our specialized and certified iTechs to come out to wherever you need them. If your iPhone 7 Plus’s suffering from a cracked or damaged screen, needs a new microphone, or just has some stuck or gunked up power and volume buttons, don’t just deal with the frustration and inconvenience – give iCracked a call and we’ll come running to wherever you need us. We provide iPhone screen replacement, mic replacements, and even fix broken iPhone buttons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Specs for iPhone 7 Plus Repair


Color options: Black, Gold, Jet Black, Rose Gold, Silver

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Storage capacities: 32 GB to 256 GB

CPU: Apple A10 Fusion 64bit

Size: 158.2 mm x 77.9 mm x 7.3 mm


Weight: 6.63 oz

Front camera: 7MP

Display: 5.5-inch RetinaHD 

Rear camera: 12MP


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacements & Repairs


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

You didn’t get the iPhone 7+ with the bigger screen just to live with an unsightly damaged display. Schedule an on-demand, at-home screen repair or replacement today. Each screen is backed by our lifetime warranty, so your repair’s quality is guaranteed from the get-go.

Charging Port

Warped or nonfunctional charging ports are usually considered the death of a phone. With iCracked’s at-home repair and replacement services we’ll get your phone charged and ready for duty within the hour.


Stop the circular conversations and voice drops – get a new microphone today without leaving the comfort of your home. You deserve to be heard!

Ear Speaker

You don’t need to suffer the embarrassment of having to ask ‘What?’ a fourth time – just get us out there to give you a brand new ear speaker for a fraction of the price you’d find at the Apple Store.

Volume Button

Don’t get stuck on mute – our qualified technicians can fix your side buttons quickly and easily in under an hour. 

Front/Rear Camera

That fancy dual camera system won’t mean much if one or both of the apertures are broken or malfunctioning. We’ll make sure you don't miss those beautiful shots of your vacation with same-day at-home phone camera repair services.

Power Button

A damaged or unresponsive power button is no match for our trained technicians, so don’t even think of spending the extra cash on a new phone. Get your phone fixed at a close and convenient location nearby!

Loud Speaker

Make sure you don’t miss a minute of your favorite podcast because of some fuzzy speakers, get an iTech out to your location, pronto, for a quick and easy phone audio repair. Your iPhone will thank you!