Need to get an iPhone X screen replacement? We can help. We know how frustrating it is when you get a new iPhone X and within months, weeks, or even days, you’ve already damaged it or it just stops working. Eliminate the hassle and expense of a trip to the store by working with iCracked’s on-demand certified iPhone screen repair technicians, who are ready and willing to come to you at the touch of a button. Whatever the problem, iCracked will have your iPhone X screen fixed, and back up and running like new in under an hour.

For all its futuristic features and abilities, Apple’s iPhone X still has the age-old smartphone fragile screen problem. That means you’ll most likely be in need of an iPhone X screen repair after some daily use. Whether you’ve dropped it while taking out of your pocket or spilled coffee all over it while out with friends, iCracked can undo the damage wrought. We fix iPhone X screens and make it work like new once again. We provide shattered IPhone X screen replacements, an iPhone X fix for a malfunctioning camera, and even side button repairs; performed with the magical fingers of our certified repair technicians, each of whom is on call for at-home repair or replacement service.

By far the most common issue iPhone X users experience is a cracked or damaged screen. It doesn’t take much to make the phone start experiencing some display issues, as most smartphone owners can attest to. Recognizing this, iCracked has paid special attention while training each of our certified iPhone screen repair technicians to ensure that each iPhone screen replacement and repair is done as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. We know how miserable it can be to live with an iPhone X with a cracked screen, dead pixels, or a distorted display, so don’t let another day go by without calling in the experts to repair your iPhone screen – we come to wherever you need us.

Our process can be as simple as clicking a button – just enter in what you need fixed on your iPhone and where you’d like the iPhone repair to be done and one of our iPhone repair techs will meet you at the location within the hour. No more lengthy trips to the Apple store or the overpriced booths at the mall; wherever and whenever you need an iPhone screen replacement, iCracked will be there for you.

We realize how frustrating it is to live with a damaged cell phone, but with our iPhone X screen repair and iPhone X replacement services, you can get your iPhone back in full working conditions without needing to spend a bundle of your hard-earned cash replacing your phone. We also offer iPhone repairs for the damaged microphone making your iPhone X useless, a fix for the unusable charging port, and a mend for a stuck or broken power button. Whatever the issue, our iPhone repair techs can get it taken care of at a location of your choice in an hour or less. Contact us and we'll complete your iPhone X screen replacement, or other iPhone related issues, ASAP.


Specifications for iPhone X Repairs


Color options: Silver, Space Gray

Resolution: 2436 x 1125

Storage capacities: 64/256GB

CPU: Apple A11 Bionic with 64-bit architecture

Size: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm


Weight: 6.1 ounces 

Front camera: 7MP

Display: 5.8-inch Super Retina HD AMOLED Display

Rear camera: 12MP


iPhone X Screen Replacements and Fixes 

iPhone X Screen Replacements

Whether it be a tiny sliver crack screen or a spiderweb of shattered glass, you don’t need to go through life with a damaged phone screen in need of an iPhone X screen repair. iCracked technicians can perform an iPhone X screen replacement in an hour or less at a location of your choice

Charging Port

Possibly the most dreaded issue iPhone X users face, a malfunctioning charging port is often considered the death knell of their phone. iCracked is here to tell you to not give up quite so easily – our technicians can provide an iPhone X fix or replace the offending item at a fraction of the cost of replacing your phone. Get a charging port iPhone X repair today.



It’s not much of a phone if you can’t use it to talk to people – iCracked offers full microphone iPhone X repair and replacement services for your iPhone X so you don’t need to spend more on replacement cost. 

Top /Ear Speaker

Whether it be filled with static or totally mute, iCracked can repair your speaker easily and conveniently at a location of your choosing within an hour. Let us know when and where we can meet you and we'll provide a ear speak iPhone X repair as soon as possible. 


Side Button

Has adjusting the volume on your iPhone been troublesome or even impossible lately? Dirt or grime could be causing your side buttons to stick. If that's the case, give them a good cleaning, but if that doesn't work, give us a heads up. One of our iTechs will head to you to fix your iPhone X.

Front/Rear Camera

We know you got the iPhone X for the incredible camera, which is why we make sure you know that there’s no reason to despair if it suddenly starts taking blurry, halo’d, or just plain black images. iCracked can fix it, whenever or wherever you need it.


Power Button

We’re sure it’s happened to everyone – your phone seems on the fritz and you try to power it down, only to find that the button’s already pushed in and won’t come out. Don’t cause more damage by sticking things in there, call us and we’ll come to you to either repair or replace your iPhone X’s stuck power button. 

Loud Speaker

You can’t very well watch Netflix or Youtube from across the room as you make dinner if the speakers aren’t working. Don’t mask the issue with finicky Bluetooth headphones, call iCracked to get your iPhone X speaker permanently repaired or replaced. That's right, speak for your iPhone X repair is just a click away.