The Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung dropped on April 10, 2015, boasting a metal unibody frame, an improved camera, a better user interface, wireless charging, and support for NFC payments. Due to the impressive new technology rolled out to the Galaxy's most cherished features, the new S6 Edge has been an enormous hit with users. Despite it's amazing new technology, the device can break all too easily. That's why iCracked's team of professional techs specialize in performing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairs in less than 1 hour, with a lifetime warranty included.

Drawing from its spiritual predecessor, the Galaxy Note Edge, the S6 Edge features a curved screen that tapers along the left and right sides of the device, which, upon release, was considered one of the best displays available on any smartphone. The Edge screen allows users to quickly receive notifications for email, texts, missed calls, and other apps, and swiftly communicate with friends and family through contact shortcuts.

Despite a wide range of technical advancements over its predecessors, the S6 Edge is not an indestructible device - indeed, it's subject to all the challenges of wear and tear that any hardware would be – that is just a fact of life. Perhaps you’ve accidentally dropped your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the ground and shattered the screen? You could drop it off at a repair shop and wait a few days for it the fixed, while disconnected from your network and daily duties? Not a chance. iCracked's profession technicians will perform a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repair or Samsung S6 screen replacement - we come to you, any time or place you need, and we'll fix your S6 Edge in an hour, with a Lifetime Warranty to guarantee the quality of our work. Contact us and one of our iTechs will come to you to fix your Galaxy S6 Edge today!




Color options: Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, White Pearl

Resolution: 2560x1440

Storage capacities: 32GB / 64GB / 128GB

CPU: Octa-core 4x2.1GHz + 4x1.5GHz 64-bit 14nm Samsung Exynos

Size: 142.1mm x 70.1mm x 7.0mm


Weight: 4.66oz / 132g

Front camera: 5MP, ƒ/1.9, auto real-time HDR, low-light video

Display: 5.1-inch QHD 577ppi Super AMOLED with dual curved edges

Rear camera: 16MP, OIS, ƒ/1.9, auto real-time HDR, low-light video, high clear zoom, IR detect white balance, virtual shot, slow motion, fast motion, pro mode, selective focus


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repairs We Carry Out


S6 Edge Screen Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen is 5.1-inch QHD 577ppi Super AMOLED with dual curved edges, one of the most advanced displays in the world. But when your screen is cracked and difficult to see through, you're not exactly getting the most out of your big display. Our iTechs specialize in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen repairs and replacements. Contact us and get if fixed today!


Charging Port

Charging port not working, then you won’t have a working battery and without a working battery you don’t really have a phone that works. Your charging port may be jammed with dirt or just, have you tried cleaning it out? Still not working, let us know and we will get your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repaired and working like brand new.


No matter the technology, Your S6 Edge is effectively useless if you can't make calls with it due to broken microphone. If friends and family can't hear you or you can't hear them, contact our team of professional techs today and we'll come to you for a Galaxy S6 Edge microphone repair in 1 hour, lifetime warranty included.  

Headphone Jack

Your Galaxy S6 Edge is capable of storing a huge amount of data, but if your headphone jack isn't working, you're not going to get much use of all your music, movies or TV shows. Static and crackling noises when your ear buds are plugged in means that your headphone jack needs repaired, let us sort it for you.

Home Button

Is pressing your S6 Edge’s home button not as easy as it was before? Is Samsung Pay not working because your phone can’t read your fingerprint anymore? You might need a home button repair.

Ear Speaker

Are voices coated with a horrible layer of static, fuzzy, crackly sounds? Or possibly you cannot hear anything at all? You may have a foreign material such as dust or dirt stuck in the ear speaker, try cleaning it out, but if that doesn’t sort it, contact us for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repair.

Side Button

It's going to be extremely difficult and unpleasant trying to control your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge without the volume buttons working properly. You may need a side button Glaxy S6 Edge repair - our iTechs will come to you and fix the problem fast.

Front/Rear Camera

Those 16MPs are pretty useless if the Galaxy’s camera is broken. Photos turning out blurry all the time? Camera app crashing when you try opening it? We’ll take care of it for you and fix the problem.

Power Button

It can be a bit of a chore turning your Galaxy phone on and off without the use of the power button. Has your power button given up? Let us know and we can send an expert repair specialist to fix it.

Loud Speaker

Funky and unusual sounds coming from your Galaxy S6 Edge’s loud speaker isn’t a good sign. If you are hearing strange noises, then it is time to have an expert repair technician check your phone. Let iCracked fix this for you.